Mississippi State University

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  1. Athletics and Recreational Sports

    1. Templeton Athletic Academic Center

      Templeton Athletic Academic Center


      Opened in November 2008, this 34,000 square foot addition to the University is the home to the Office of Athletic Academics. The TAAC helps the student-athletes practice effective time management due to its close location to the weight room, training room, practice facilities, Coaches’ Offices, and Residence Halls. This facility features 34 tutor rooms, 8 private study rooms, 1 large study area with 20 tables and 100 chairs, 4 computer labs, and a large conference room. This facility has the 2nd largest computer lab on the MSU Campus. The Templeton Center also has RFoC (Real Food on Campus - an extension of Marketplace at Perry that serves lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday to the campus community). The RFoC is open for anyone to eat.


      GEO: 33.464050; -88.792510