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  1. Food and Dining

    1. Perry Cafeteria

      Perry Cafeteria


      Perry Hall was built in 1921 in the Late Gothic Review style.The gothic arches and wood beams that support its gabled roof are more suggestive of a cathedral than a cafeteria. At the time it was built, the University Cafeteria was the largest college cafeteria in the U.S., so big, it was also used as a dance hall. In the early years the building was even used as an indoor football practice site. Perry Cafeteria is named for George Perry, a 1919 Tunica County graduate. His widow, Jane Perry, made a gift annuity to renovate and preserve the cafeteria in his memory, in the amount of $1.5 million. In recognition of Mrs. Perry's gift and George Perry's long association with his alma mater, the name of the university's cafeteria was changed to Perry Hall. It seats more than 770 people and serves 3,000 meals daily. Dining services has an annual grocery bill of $1.5 million. The cafeteria sits above the Moe's Southwest Grill and Subway restaurant.


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