Mississippi State University

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  1. Points of Interest

    1. The Junction

      The Junction


      The newest landscaped area for ultimate football tailgating, the Junction is the place where eight different roads used to converge, affectionately known as "Malfunction Junction." In the summer of 2012 Southern Living Magazine announced MSU's inclusion in the top 20 schools with the best tailgating celebrations. In the middle of this grassy area is where the railroad tracks used to run. Starkville was chosen as the location for MSU based on its railroad access (at that time most people traveled by train) and little night life. MSU in its early days was a male military school with Reserve Officer's Training Corps. In those days the term ROTC stood for "Riding Over to Columbus" to pick up their dates at Mississippi State College for Women, now Mississippi University for Women.


      GEO: 33.455129; -88.794003