Mississippi State University

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  1. Monuments and Memorials

    1. The Eternal Flame

      The Eternal Flame


      The Eternal Flame was installed at the north entrance to Allen Hall in 1997 and was donated by Mississippi State University Development Foundation. The Eternal Flame is a red granite obelisk with etched glass circular windows with a gas flame inside. The inscription reads, "This flame was lighted September 27, 1997 as a perpetual tribute to the thousands of alumni, friends, faculty and staff whose generosity in decades past and whose continuing support will ensure that educational excellence and the spirit of Mississippi State University will endure. The first major gifts campaign in Mississippi State University History began in 1992. More than 45,000 gifts from individuals and corporations contributed to the success of The Campaign for Mississippi State which raised more than $143 million before its close in 1997. The names of many of the donors are etched on the bricks around this monument and those composing the walk of honor in the center of the drill field."